Your private detective agency at the best price

How much does a private detective cost?

Costs for our surveillance and monitoring services carried out by our own private detectives in Madrid (Spain) vary depending on the particular requirements of each service. Below, you will find the basic rates based on the number of detectives and vehicles required to work on your investigation. If you need to know the exact costs for a specific investigation, please do not hesitate to contact us or fill out the following form.

What is the cost of an entire investigation?

The fees you will find below are based on previous investigations led by our detective agency. These are indicative prices only. The final number of final required and any other expenses will need to be factored in when providing a quote.

Initially, we must ascertain whether the investigation will be used as evidence before a judicial process, or if it is purely for the client only.

The difference between the two scenarios lies in the need to demonstrate that certain behaviours are regular and ongoing. Therefore, in cases where there is a requirement to demonstrate these characteristics, specific cases will require longer investigative times.


  • Investigations relating to private behaviours of relatives from €500
  • Investigations relating to infidelity issues from €240
  • Investigations relating to the behaviour of children (drug and alcohol use, addictions, negative social circle…) from €600
  • Demonstrating the lack of suitability or responsibility in custody matters from €600
  • Child support or maintenance/alimony/spousal support from €800
  • Maintenance/alimony/spousal support based on demonstrating an ex-spouse’s current defacto relationship status from €900


  • Pre-contract reports from €800
  • Complete financial reports from €800
  • Phony employee sick leave €1300
  • Unfair competition by employees from €1300
  • Unfair competition by competitors in the market from €2000
  • Investigations relating to employee absenteeism (including adherence to contracted working hours) from €1000

Variable prices depending on the result of the investigation

– Pay only for what you really need –

At Doverty, we provide our clients with updates throughout the investigation. This allows you to have control over the expenses incurred, favours your involvement and gives you control over decision making. This is a very remarkable advantage, because if investigation unfolds in a way that is not what you expected, you can suspend the service that is being carried out that day, rethink planned services or even definitively cancel the entire investigation. You will only pay for costs generated up to that point in time.

A clear example of this advantage can be found, for example, in investigations related to sick leave. If you lack information about the physical or mental state of an employee, but you suspect that his/her sick leave may be fraudulent, an initial strategy is put forward to obtain the necessary evidence to proceed with a lawful dismissal. In the event that the employee really is unable to work, you will be informed of the situation. This way you will not pay for a three-day investigation if the intention was dismissal.

Whatever your situation, we always have the best option for you. Ask for a quote now and we will contact you to put forward an initial proposal. During the investigation, you can make your decisions and reconsider this proposal based on your needs and your financial situation to continue with the rest of the investigation.