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Our services

We offer direct support to law firms, providing detailed reports and on-going advice. We provide witness evidence that is valid to use for any legal process, whether of a civil, commercial or laboral nature, therefore ensuring a success outcome. The law assigns us the task of collecting evidence for such processes, and as such is recognized by jurisprudence. Give your clients the ability to provide the courts with reports that will enable them to prove any specific circumstance that benefits their interests and, therefore, benefits your firm’s.

It is likely that 90% of the issues we work on are taken to court by either party. Nowadays the court recognises a detective’s report as fully admissible evidence. (04/04/13)

The main research areas requested by law firms are listed below, without prejudice to others which, although not as in demand, may be highly viable and be the difference between winning and losing a case. Remember that our advice is always free and we are always ready to look at our ability to intervene and our chances of success.