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Price of Private Investigators in Madrid

Doverty’s private investigation headquarters are in Madrid. Located in the central street of Juan Bravo, we provide our services across the entire Spanish territory. In addition, we have a wide network of specialized partners outside our borders, in different areas and subjects of private investigation.

Each and every one of our investigations are 100% confidential and carried out with the utmost discretion and guarantees. Our offices have the best private investigators in the sector, which can undoubtedly offer the best solutions at the best possible price.


Are you looking for a private investigator in Madrid?

Request your quote now and hire the bests private investigators in Madrid at the most affordable prices.

What is the process of an investigation led by our private investigators in Madrid?

The first thing you must do is convey your situation to one of our private investigators in Madrid, so that we can advise you of the best way forward. To be able to provide a quote we first need some information, but it is not necessary to neither provide us with sensitive information nor specify names or actual data of the individuals to investigate. Quotes can be requested in these ways:

  1. Call our office of private investigators in Madrid: +34 91 005 20 77
  2. Fill out a quotation request online

You choose how you want to receive the quote. In order to maintain discretion, if you choose to receive the quote over the phone you will be asked to confirm a time and date to be called. If you choose to receive it via email, you will receive an initial research proposal. This proposal may change in the future depending on the information available to us, or any new information you may provide. Once the quote has been accepted, some of our private investigators in Madrid who are specialized in the required area will contact with you on the date and time outlined, with the purpose of preserving discretion at all times.

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We will then proceed with the investigative process.

According to the nature of the investigation, this process may take more or less time, depending on factors such as the need to provide a report for trial, how often the facts that need to be proven take place, and many other elements that will need to be considered. The techniques and tools required to obtain the desired information vary, from direct observation services obtained through surveillance or monitoring, investigation and obtaining witness testimony, to employing any technological means that we may need.



With our exclusive online portal you can discreetly consult case information at anytime during the investigation. You can access any new information relevant to the case from any device, including control costs and billing …

Finally, our private investigators in Madrid will proceed to issue a report that carries full legal validity, delivering it to our client on printed-paper or digital format. In it, we will add all images obtained during the above processes, with photographs printed on the report itself and a DVD with videos. Any accompanying documentation that is relevant and has been obtained during the process will also be included. Please note that both the data provided by you and those obtained during our investigations are confidential, and in no case are they shared with parties outside of the DOVERTY team.


If necessary, our private investigators will attend court on hearing day of to ratify the contents, answering any questions made by the parties, prosecutors and judges. Highly affordable Private Investigators based in Madrid who are totally committed to you.

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